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The Stained Glass School, Inc., offers a curriculum of professional-level instruction. This is an excellent opportunity to enter into and learn the craft, upgrade your current skills, learn a new area of the craft, or offer professional training to your employees. Small, hands-on, intensive curricula allow instructors to teach students through class demonstrations and, very importantly, offer individual and small-group guidance that allows students to quickly grasp techniques and form good habits while correcting and/or preventing bad habits.

September 30 — October 3, 2014:  9:00am — 4:00pm

Picture2Neon-Argon Techniques:As an Art Form and Indirect Light Source

Tuition: $350 (includes all supplies and lunch)

Instructor: Louis Curiel Level: Any Level Credits: 18 Certification Hours Limit: 6 students

Louis will instruct students in the basic concepts of neon-argon art and its various uses for stained glass. Students will learn the five basic procedures of fabrication to make and install a neon-argon unit. The basic gases, pumping techniques, and torch work will be employed so each student will understand the fabrication process including both “bends” and “welds.” When the student completes the workshop, he will have an operational neon-argon unit that can be used as an indirect lighting source. Techniques for enclosures will be discussed so the finished units can be installed correctly into different types of projects. Basic equipment required to fabricate a working system will be reviewed. Though no supplies are required, students are asked to watch for used neon transformers for use in the workshop.

October 3, 2014 Optional Bonus Class: Stained Glass Photography
Instructor: Richard Gross Level: Any Level Credits: 6 Certification Hours Limit: 6 students

Learn to take publication-quality photographs that can be used to promote your work online and in print. Be sure to bring your digital camera manual. Richard will work individually with students to help them understand the full capability of their camera. Grace & Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is specifically chosen for its difficult-to-photograph windows; learn to take good pictures of windows like these, and you’ll find stained glass photography easy. Camera and tripod required. The class will then visit Kathy Barnard’s studio. Kathy will give us a tour of her contemporary stained glass designs and demonstrate the art of sandblasting.

Class Options

October 21 — October 24, 2014:  9:00am — 4:00pm

Introduction to Glass Painting

Picture6A Simple and Clear Way to Learn and Understand the Important Basics of Glass Painting

Tuition: $600 (includes all supplies and lunch)

Instructor: Jim M. Berberich Level: Any Level Credits: 18 Certification Hours Limit: 8 students

Jim will demonstrate the techniques and methods commonly used today. The class will include in-depth instruction and discussion on the tools, brushes, mixing agents and glass paints to be used. The class project from start to finish will include the use of traditional glass paints, enamels, and silver stains and a variety of mixing agents. One-on-one instruction will help students learn quickly and develop good habits with ongoing help from Jim after the class through Facebook. The goal is for the student to leave with a clear and confident understanding of the fundamental skills of glass painting.

General Information

Picture7The Stained Glass School is centrally located at 9313 E. 63rd Street, Raytown, Missouri, with easy access through Kansas City International Airport; by major highways; or – for those with local stations – train access is also available through the Lee’s Summit Rail Stop. The School has an agreement with the Holiday Inn Express for $79 per night – free breakfast and WiFi included.

Scholarships: One scholarship has been made available for each class through the Dorothy L. Maddy Scholarship Fund.

Registration for classes, hotel reservations, scholarships, and transportation: Call the SGAA Headquarters at 800.438.9581 to make all your arrangements. Let us know if you would like a roommate or a ride from the airport. We are happy to assist!


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  1. I am interested in the Stained Glass Painting Class. What airport is nearest to the school?

    Thank you,

    Sue Nowak

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