Stained Glass 101


SGAA Headquarters    9313 E. 63rd Street,  Raytown, MO 64133

Thank you to everyone who made the April 9 – 12 session of Stained Glass 101 a success!

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Stained Glass Fabrication: Afternoon Session, 3:00pm — 6:00pm

This class will introduce the student to studio safety, the history of stained glass and the types of glass and tools used in the trade. The student will also gain a professional level understanding for the art of glass and the methods used in fabrication.

Open to students with all backgrounds and levels of experience.

Stained Glass Painting: Evening Session, 6:00pm — 9:00pm

This class will introduce the student to the professional art of painting on stained glass. The student will learn basic procedures for tracing, matting and silver stain plus proper kiln firing procedures.

Open to students with all backgrounds and levels of experience.

Optional Glass Tours: April 10 — 12

April 10, 12:00pmKathy Barnard Studio: Kathy will introduce us to contemporary stained glass design and the art of sandblasting on glass

April 11, 12:00pm — Nelson Atkins Museum: We will tour Nelson’s excellent display of medieval stained glass and their LaFarge installation.

April 12, 1:00pm — Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral: The nave contains 18 historic windows including Heinigke, Lamb, Connick, Hogan, Northrop and Wesselheoft.

Be sure to bring your cameras. Editor Richard Gross will be on hand to instruct on taking stained glass photos for publication.

General Information: The Stained Glass School, Inc., is now offering professional-level workshops on a regular basis. The school is centrally located with good access through Kansas City’s International Airport, by major highways, or for those interested in something different, train access is also available through the Lee’s Summit rail stop.

This is an excellent opportunity to begin working in glass, upgrade your current skills, learn a new area of the craft or offer professional training to your employees.


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