The SGAA Stained Glass School is currently in the process of developing a physical school at its Raytown, Missouri, facility that will offer ongoing classroom and studio instruction for the formation of qualified craftspersons. This school is conveniently located in mid-America in Raytown, Missouri, just outside of Kansas City.

Featuring easy access from three Interstate Highways; multiple airports; ample, affordable lodging and dining; an abundance of local attractions; and much more, Kansas City has served as the home of the Stained Glass Association of America for more than a quarter century.

The SGAA Stained Glass School offers classes and seminars at the Stained Glass Association of America’s Annual Summer Conference and on site at its Raytown, Missouri, facility. You will find more information about current class offerings on this website.

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  1. i just orderd some books, glasses and some materials for stained glass but i need some direct tutors. thanks a lot

  2. I would like to find out if you have a Stained Glass School located in the Seattle, WA area. I am interested in pursuing this craft. Thank You

  3. Hello, I would like to have all the information possible about the courses or programs offered on stained glass techniques. I am a Southamerican artist interedeted in the religious arts and always have wanted to learn about this ancient technique. Thank you very much

  4. Kindly let me know about your school and scholarship possibilities. Thanks.

  5. I’ve recently started pursuing my passion for art. I took some time off after high school to find myself and explore my interests and loves in life, and I’ve found that the art of stained glass satisfies many parts of my soul. I have a love for many forms of art, but this is one that I feel a passion to pursue most out of any. I’m beginning to form my future to hopefully make a living off of doing the things that I love, right now I’m just making a plan and I’m ready to get started. I was in the middle of looking up schools around the country when I found out about this! I live in Lawrence, so how convenient. I understand that it’s currently in the process of being built and the intentions for the school sound like they’re for more advanced education, which seems to work with my timeline, as right now I’m only a beginner. It seems like the way to go would be to take some beginner classes or a workshops to at least establish some basic experience. I’ve watched numerous videos online, so I understand the process, I’m just eager to actually begin. I guess the point of my message is to ask you where and when I can except information on the school currently in the works. I’m also wondering if there will be any type of scholarships or ways to help with payments that might be available. I’d also love to hear your advice for someone like me. After I take a workshop and I’ve gained the basic skills and knowledge, where should I go from there? Would I have a chance being hired at a shop? I’d love to have an apprenticeship somewhere, I would be happy with no pay. If you’d like to just respond about the school, feel free to ignore my further questions. I’m just open to hearing any advice from anyone, as I’m very excited to get started! Thank you!

  6. I also just realized the rest of the comments are from years ago! I assume it’s still in the process of being built though, as this post is still up. What does the timeline look like now? I also found the section about scholarship! :)

  7. I would really like to learn how to get details onto the glass like the facial features…(like old church windows) are there classes or CDs?
    (I am in Grand Prairie Texas)
    Do I need a kiln? are there glazes and stains involved and if so can you purchase them (like I used to purchase ceramic glaze) or do you have to know how to mix them yourself?

  8. Richard, the SGAA Summer Conference at Indy was great! I am at the point of expanding my work with the art of stained glass, particularly when I retire. Thank you for all you do!

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